Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Touch draw for Friday 7th February

Kia Ora all

TOUCH RUGBY at Halswell starts back up this Friday.

NOTE: In error, the email I sent to everyone said '7 March' when it should have said '7 February'. Sorry about that.

Everything will be exactly the same as last year in terms of the times your child plays. So, if they are in the Under 7s and 9s, they play at 4:35pm; Under 11s and 13s - 5:15pm.
The only thing that changes is the field.

At Halswell domain, in the middle of the fields next to the vehicle, you will find the draw with which field your team is playing on.

Below is the draw for Oaklands teams for this Friday   7.2.2014

Under 7’s

Time               Team                         field

4:35pm         Raiders                         1
4:35pm         Sharks V Storm            2
4:35 pm        Pirates                          3

5:15pm       Raiders                           1

Note: Raiders have a double header

Under 9’s

Time               Team                         field

4:35pm           Dragons                       5
4:35pm           Warriors                      7
4:35pm          Untouchables               8    
4:35pm          Chargers                      9

4:35pm          Eagles                        10

Under 11’s

Time               Team                      field
5:15pm          Chiefs                        2
5:15pm          Crusaders                  3
5:15pm          Vipers                       4
5:15pm          Undeafeatables         5

Under 13’s

Time               Team                     field
5:15pm          One                           8
5:15pm          Two                          9

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