Super Students - Celebrating success

Welcome to the Super Students page; the page where we celebrate student success on the sport's fields and courts.
We are a super talented bunch here at Oaklands, and we are very proud to let it be known, "We're awesome!"

Ella McFarlane - Karate

Today we celebrate the talented Ella McFarlane.

Recently Ella competed in the regionals GKR Karate tournament. Ella came first in Kata ( routine) and Kumite (fighting). This makes Ella the Christchurch Champion for her respective division.

Well done, Ella. Another example of Oaklands students achieving.

Iona Simpson, Xanthe Simpson and Samantha Woodgate.

Today we celebrate three talented netballers.

The girls have had a super successful year and we would like to share their successes with you all.

Iona - Was awarded the Halswell Rugby League Netball -  Primary 'A' Most Improved Player

           Iona's talent doesn't end there as she was selected for the Selywn B Representative team. She is sporting her representative t-shirt and badge.

Xanthe - Was part of the Primary 'E' team. Xanthe had the honour if being chosen as the Emerging Player of the Year ... for the whole club. Outstanding result, Xanthe.

Sam - Was part of the Primary 'E' team as had the distinction of receiving the Player of the Year award.

Not only have the girls achieved in their chosen sport, they are amazing students who are outstanding role models. Well done, girls.

             Fletcher Due, Scott Butterick and Jacob Nyman        

It seems that Oaklands is blessed with rugby league talent. Not only did Fletcher, Scott and Jacob travel to the West Coast to represent Canterbury, the talented JACOB MANSON was there as well, selected for the Under 9 Canterbury team. The good new doesn't stop there, Jacob was also the captain of the team and scored 10 of the 12 points his team scored.

A fantastic effort by a talented junior sportsman.

             Fletcher Due, Scott Butterick and Jacob Nyman        

Today we celebrate three talented rugby league players here at Oaklands.
Fletcher Due, Scott Butterick and Jacob Nyman travelled to the West Coast at the weekend to represent Canterbury 10s.

Selected along with 10 other boys from all over Canterbury after a day of trials, the boys won the 10s tournament and victor's trophy.

They won their first game 24-18 with Jacob scoring two tries in the second game which they won 48-6.

Well done, boys. Mr Hillary might just realise his dream of having someone from Oaklands play for the Warriors. Another example of Oaklands students out there being successful.

                                  MACKENZIE HILLYER                      

Mackenzie received a certificate for Ribbon Day which is the first competition of the season where they get awarded different ribbons depending on the points they get on each apparatus.  She placed 11th out of 21.  The extra ribbon is from the Marlborough Championships held in Blenheim where she received enough marks on her bar to get the next coloured ribbon.

Way to go, Mackenzie 

                                     ASHLEY YOUNG                                    

Ashley received her medal for being the most improved Player for the Month of June in the under 6 team. She plays for the Suburbs under 6 team. 

Way to go, Ashley   

****************** Jonathan Rapson - Player of the Year ***************

Jonathan Rapson from Room 3 received, Player of the Year for his touch team Under 9’s Oakland Dragons, he was a good all-rounder for his team and really enjoyed his first season. Then he received Player of the Year for Halswell TBall boys Under 9 Sluggers. His Coach’s said he was a positive role model in the team with really good consistency and had a great attitude. We are very proud of Jonathan, giving 100% in every sport his plays

Way to go, Jonathan. Another example of Oaklands students succeeding.

****************** Brother and Sister - Player of the Day ***************

Caitlyn (Rm 2) and Harrison (Rm 19) STEWART both received Player of the Day certificates for their respective teams ( Dragons and Raiders) at touch rugby recently. Mum said they were "so proud" of their certificates. We are very proud of you too, Caitlyn and Harrison.

Harrison's team, the Raiders, have made it through to the 1st and 2nd playoff this Friday. Go Harrison.

 ********************** Weetbix TRYathlon team  **********************

70 students strong - the 2014 Weetbix TRYathlon team pose for a photo after the big event. Oaklands had the largest contingent of students competing, which just goes to show how much our students like to get involved in sport. Well done to everyone.

************************** SW ZONE SWIM TEAM  *******************

Our swimmers had a successful day at the SW Zone swim meet on March 11th at Wharenui Pool.
Well done, team. You represented Oaklands with pride and you were wonderful role models for Oaklands.

Courtney Hillyer ( 9 yr girls freestyle)
Amelia Tainui (9yr girls backstroke)
Samantha Laing (9 yrs girls breaststroke)
Daniel Blaikie (11yr boys backstroke)

Sophie Hardie (11 yr girls backstroke)
Iona Simpson (11yr girls breaststroke)
11yrs mixed relay
10yrs mixed relay

************************ PEGASUS TRIATHLON **********************

Our ten super triathletes represented Oaklands at the annual Canterbury Primary and Intermediate Schools Triathlon at Pegasus. Warm, it wasn't, but that only made everyone go faster. It was their first time swimming in a lake as part of a race, and a old one at that - with its very own eels. Well done, team on giving it your best. You're awesome.

***********************   Jacqueline Keenan        *************************

***************************** Rebecca James        *************************

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