Aerobics / hiphop

Are you interested in aerobics and / or hiphop/funk dance?  

Then we have an event for you.

On Wednesday 17th September, come along to the Primary Schools Aerobics event.     

You can be a complete beginner, or you can have entered competitions like this before.

For the aerobics you can do it by yourself, with a partner or as part of a group of up to 6 others.  
images-1.jpg      Fionas-Aerobics-Team-Photo-500x375.jpg

You don’t need to organise your routine, there are some compulsory routines that you choose from.

We will give you the DVD and explanation of your routine. You can practise at school and at home.    


Come to a meeting in Room 5 tomorrow morning  

When: Wednesday 17th September
Who: Year 5-8 students
Where: TBA
What: individual, pairs, team (3-6)
         Total of 10 entries ( a team = 1 entry)
Time: TBA
Level: From complete beginner to experienced. There are levels based on ability
Transportation: Parent
Resource: Aeroskools programme resource.

Students complete a set compulsory routine based on the Aeroskools resource

Entry due date: 8th September

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