Kauri Run / Bike / Run

Kauri Run / Bike / Run 2014

PARENT HELPERS from orginally scheduled event --> We would love to have you join us this time. We understand if you are not available this time. Your child's classroom teacher will contact you to see if you are able to come along.

Where:   Westlake Park
When:    Thursday, March 27th WEEK 8
Time:     9:00am - 12:30pm
How:      Students will walk in class groups from school to and from Westlake Park.
What to bring:   water bottle, snack – energy food like energy bars, sports gear- shorts, top, running shoes, warm top, medication. Students can wear HOUSE COLOURS (sport appropriate clothing only)
        Bicycle - if completing the bike leg, an approved helmet is a must

Please note that the bike must be in good condition i.e., the brakes function and the seat etc are sufficiently tightened.

Please note that times are approximate and subject to change

Below is the timetable of the event.
9: 00 - 9:10am
Roll in class

In class– students check they have all their gear (water bottle, snack, running gear – shorts, top, running shoes, warm top)
Meet on main field with ALL gear - line up in classes.
Walk to Westlake Park
Arrive at park
Students enter athlete’s village, form into year lines (Individuals, year levels for teams)
Opening address by Mr Forman and Mr Hillary
Walk around the course - acts as warm up
Races begin

Race 1 – 8 year and under individuals / Year 4 teams
Race 2 – 9 year individuals / Year 5 teams
Race 3 – 10 year individuals / Year 6 teams
Race 4 – 11 /12+ year individuals / Year 7/8 teams
Closing ceremony and presentation of 1st, 2nd, 3rd placings
Walk back to school
Arrive back at school

RACE START – The start will be along a long line (there will be two rows of students if required) Students will not be advantaged or disadvantaged by this method.

RACE – Students will run on the outside of cones/flags around the course. Parents are encouraged to place themselves at different points along to course to encourage students.

RACE FINISH – Students will run down a chute and then cross the finish line. They will be handed a numbered card reflecting their placing. They should then proceed to the results table to have their placing entered beside their name.

PRESENTATION CEREMONY – At the conclusion of the races, those individuals placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be awarded a medal. Certificates will be handed out to teams placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the following Kauri team assembly.

HOUSE COLOUR – Students will earn points for their house. To make this fun and COLOURFUL students can wear house colours and make themselves as colourful as possible


In order to ensure a smooth and timely running of this event, students will be confined to an ATHLETE’S VILLAGE- an area designated for them to line up, store their gear, and cheer the other students.

PARENTS – other than those working as parent helpers- are expected to view and support from the SUPPORTER’S AREA which is everywhere but the 'athlete's village'. We appreciate your understanding with this.

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