Tuesday, 20 May 2014

WINTER SPORT - Grounds closed this Friday

Due to the rain the CCC has closed a number of grounds. As a result the first round of the winter sport competition is POSTPONED until Friday , 30th May.

Monday, 12 May 2014

2014 Duathlon event at Ruapuna Speedway - Wednesday 14th May

This Wednesday a number of Oaklands students will represent the school at the 2014 Duathlon at Ruapuna. The duathlon involves a 2km run , a 6 (or 9) km bike, and a 1 km run.

The team, so far, to represent Oaklands comprises:

9 Years      Jamie McAlister           Lindsay Smith          Ashton Stocker
                Courtney Hillyer          Charlotte Lynn          Lily Pitman

10 Years    Jacob Nyman              Scott McNicholl
                 Ella McFarlane           Samantha Laing           Tamsin Staff

11 Years    Jack McNicholl        Cameron Phillips      Tim Adams
                 Olivia Gobbie         Grace Lynn

Click on the image below to view the information notice

Duathlon 2014 parent notice

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kauri Cross Country

Today team Kauri held their cross country at Westlake Park. The rain held off and the sun even came out for a while. Congratulations to all who took up the challenge and completed the run. A special congratulations goes to the following students who finished 1st, 2nd or 3rd in their respective races.

Year 4 Boys                                             Year 4 Girls
Ashton Turner                                          Kendra Manson
Noah Parsons                                            Siobhan Kenna
Tre Andrews                                              Madeline Laing

Year 5 Boys                                               Year 5 Girls
Aston Stocker                                             Mya Wareham
Lindsay Smith                                            Charlotte Lynn
Jamie McAlister                                         Courtney Hillyer

Year 6 Boys                                              Year 6 Girls
Jack Mitchell                                          Samantha Laing
Scott Butterick                                       Xanthe Simpson
Levi Green                                               Ella McFarlane

Year 7 Boys                                            Year 7 Girls  
Nick Weakley                                         Olivia Gobbie
Brad Steffensen                                       Grace Lynn
Tim Adams                                               Mia Warren

Year 8 Boys                                         Year 8 Girls
Luke Hawkins                                     Chantalle Lewis
Jack McNicholl                                  Iona Simpson
Oliver Burgess                                    Claudia Himsel